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Even the most prolific writer would agree that to write an essay is one of the most challenging task an individual could ever face, but also one of the most fulfilling. You can transform essay writing from tedious to interesting, enjoyable, and enriching task. Here’s how. Convert your writing into an argumentative essay. By definition, an essay is a conglomeration of your opinions based on facts. When you write an essay, your opinion matters. As your argument, when you write an essay, you should have formulated your thesis statement or the controlling idea for your argumentation. In the rest of the essay writing, you should be able to strongly support your controlling idea with points that flow naturally. You start your essay with a strong thesis statement and how you will go about with this statement. Your essay writing should follow an inverted pyramid structure where you begin with the most important point. Subsequently, in an inverted pyramid order, you support your main idea with strong points as well. Each of the points presented in your essay should be in their own paragraphs following a one point, one paragraph rule. You should be able to finish this off by restating the most purposeful point in the essay, and being able to answer your thesis statement in the concluding paragraph of your essay. You will find that when you write an essay, you need careful preparation. Be as detailed as possible but write your essay clearly and concisely. There’s nothing that can beat a well-written and carefully prepared essay.

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