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Report Writing is one variant of essay writing. There are many kinds of report that one can write: lab report, business report, scientific report, case study report, feasibility study report, and many more. Each of the report has their own format and convention. There are many factors that make up a good report writer. Similar to essay writing, these are the things to consider when making a good report:

  • The most crucial thing in a report writing is accuracy. Since a report write is a technical document, one will lose credibility immediately if the document is not accurate.
  • The report should be concise but covers all details. It should be able to achieve the goal similar to persuasive essay: readers are convinced of the result.
  • Don’t sacrifice clarity for brevity, as a saying goes. The reader should be able to understand the points made in the report. The writer should be able to express his ideas and points clearly.
  • The report is readable and cites literature review or all sources used as reference.

In a good report, the writer must be able to write what his audience or reader wants and needs to know. Thinking the same as his reader, the writer in his report must be able to answer all the questions that a reader may have. You must be able to write the report that gets read by your readers. When writing a report, always keep your audience in mind.

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