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Paper writing services abound, but professional, educated, and skilled writers are rare among them. One are many fail in is the use of adjectives.

Adjectives are descriptors of nouns and other adjectives. Yes, they can describe other adjectives. You do not have to look any farther than light blue. Here, blue is a noun, but when you describe a bike as the light blue bike, blue becomes an adjective and light describes blue, not the bike. The light, blue bike is how you would write it so light would describe the bike. So in the first example blue is not such a dark blue, but lighter than average blue. In the second example, the bike is light in weight and an average shade of blue.

One little comma makes a world of a difference in how the first of two or more adjectives is assigned. Without this knowledge and careful attention to detail mistakes are made. Your paper then comes across as careless and unprofessional. Your grade will accordingly suffer.

Another unprofessional practice in writing is to stack adjectives. When describing something, you should hone in on one or two qualities that matter the most in that particular context. If you really need more, then extend it by other phrases that refer to these qualities. Even better, save the most important for its own phrase:

  1. The dark, tall, dreary, young man greeted them on the street corner.
  2. The dark, young man greeted them on the street corner. He was tall with a dreary demeanor.

The first is bad writing, since it stacks adjectives. The second is far more interesting and focuses on dreary.

Adjectives can easily destroy the credibility of a paper or they can build a strong frame. Watch for these two problems in papers produced by paper writing services.

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