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Research papers are analytical in nature. In this post, we’ll learn how to write this type of academic paper.

Every research paper follows a certain outline consisting of three parts- the introduction, body and conclusions. The introduction must contain an attractive statement that would make the readers want know more about what you are writing. The introduction contains an overview of your paper position. It does not need to be lengthy. On the contrary, keeping it short and simple is highly advised as this would not bore your readers with too many details only to be echoed in your article body. The body is the detailed discussion of the issues which you are putting forward in your arguments. Avoid unnecessary words as well as ambiguities of terms which could confuse your readers. For your premises, try to be logical in your presentation and rational with your details. Avoid fallacies which can be committed by including irrelevant information, counter-factual assumptions to which you base your conclusions and false conclusions which happen when your conclusion does not follow from your evidences presented. Essay writing on an analytical paper has the general framework of an if-then argument. Your research paper should reflect this framework and it should come as quite apparent to the readers. Essay writing on an analytical paper entails an analysis of the issues being tackled. It is strongly advised to have a thorough thinking from the writer for the paper to come powerful to the readers.

Research papers are not meant to be rushed. Try to allot sufficient time to do research, writing and proofreading.

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