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How to Write a Feedback Essay

The purpose of a feedback essay is to let a person know how well they did something. This could be written in response to another essay, to a performance, or to an interview. Basically, a feedback essay is a way for the writer to criticize how well a person has done something. This will often include both strengths and weaknesses of whatever is being evaluated. For example, if the writer is giving feedback about an essay that was written it would be a good idea to include how strong the thesis was or how well the various paragraphs supported the thesis or proved the point. A feedback essay might also call for the writer to make suggestions about how things can be improved. This goes one step further than simply pointing out the weak points, but rather offers suggestions for the person being evaluated.

How to Write a Feedback Essay

The first step in writing a feedback essay is to be familiar with the thing that is being evaluated. If it is a performance or an interview, the writer must experience it in order to be able to give quality feedback. If it is an essay, the writer must read it and analyze its strengths and weaknesses in both a technical and thematic way. It is important for the reader to be very familiar with the material in order to give a sufficient reaction. Next is to outline the strengths and weaknesses of the material that is being evaluated. It is best to be very specific and include plenty of details. This will help the reader to know exactly what the reader is referring to. If the situation requires, this is when the writer will also provide suggestions on how to improve.

Template of a feedback essay


  1. Give information about what is being evaluated
  2. Present general analysis of strengths and weaknesses


  1. Provide specific details about what was strong and what was weak
  2. Give feedback as to how to improve


  1. Reiterate strengths and weaknesses

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